Eric Lapointe: Nothing

It’s a funny coincidence. In the same week, two people who were placed “outside the community” were considered marginalized in some way.

Eric Lapointe introduced his 16e album and a performance at the Capitol in Quebec.

Maripier Morin (who had already started in radio at WKND) confirmed her return on TV. With a beating heart on Radio Canada.

Proof that neither stage managers, morale guards nor BPDLCWDP (the right-wing Plateau Vogue Group) can predict how long an artist’s purgatory will last.

It’s you, the audience. Period.

It’s time for a change

In an exclusive interview with magazine, Eric Lapointe told my colleague Alexandre Caputo: “To choose this profession is to choose criticism, to choose the judgment of others, and to choose insecurity. But I think I still have my place.

Not only did he still have a seat, but the public gave him an overwhelming welcome at the Capitol. Even casual fans already know by heart the lyrics to songs from his new album … released the day before!

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In March 2022, when a small group on the web questioned the presence of Eric LaPointe at the Maple Festival, I wrote this: “Eric LaPointe pleads guilty to an assault case in 2019 . I don’t want to diminish or trivialize the gestures Rocker made. But the criminal and criminal prosecutor, along with the defense attorney, asked for a conditional discharge. And the judge approved their joint recommendation. Lapointe was not sentenced to prison! And should the “popular court” be harsher with Éric Lapointe than the official court? Lapointe faced justice. Why impose a professional penalty on him?

It won’t surprise you to say that even after a year and a half my opinion hasn’t changed an inch.

Last week, at the restaurant, a man introduced me: “Hello, I’m Mr. I wanted to thank you for the many texts you have defended the presumption of innocence.

Thank you teacher. But in a society of law, it should be as self-evident as the right to full and complete protection.

It’s like thanking me for saying water is wet.

Rather, the question is, “Why don’t more of us uphold these principles?”

witch hunt

For Maripier Morin, his television fate changed following an interview with Fabienne Larouche on QUB radio.

In January 2021, on my show, the producer announced about Morin: “There is a moment, there is redemption and redemption for that wrong, there is a limit. We’re not going to burn her in the fire! “

Maripier saw the text magazine With this interview cut short, he contacted Fabienne Larouche and the rest is history.

How many artists in Quebec are now clamoring: “Is the witch hunt over?

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