Top 10 Most Awaited Works on Netflix

Despite the increased competition in the VOD market, Netflix is ​​still holding strong, mainly due to the first series of the year. By the end of the year, we should see some very interesting productions, whether new or a continuation of already known titles.

The premiere of the final episodes of the fourth season of “Stranger Things”, which is usually well received by fans of the Duffer Brothers, stated that Netflix is ​​still very strong in the VOD market, mainly due to its original productions. Previously, the last season of the series “Ozark”, which managed to attract millions of viewers around the world, was also very popular. Traditionally, films have performed a little worse, because although the stats for “Spider’s Head” and “Life Cast” were quite good, both could hardly be called success. Through Joseph Kosinski’s collaboration with Chris Hemsworth, something was simply expected (which can be clearly seen in the ratings), and in turn, a typical sports drama cannot be called a breakthrough. Recently, “The Man from Toronto” is very popular, but it also belongs to the typical middle class.

Will Netflix be able to break this deeply disappointing movie franchise with one of this year’s original pictures? There’s a good chance of that, because on the one hand, we should soon see a very promising and interesting spy thriller, with a star cast, based on solid new material. On the other hand, the end of the year should belong to the new Guillermo del Toro project, which promises to be very attractive. The new Asian proposal may also come as a surprise. Among the series, we are waiting for the long-awaited adaptation project of the famous comedy, as well as the next part of the popular series. Here are ten productions that will debut in the coming months, that are worth keeping an eye on.


In August, the much-anticipated series based on the comic book by Neil Gaiman, who co-stars with the project, along with David S. Goyer and Allan Heinberg, will appear on Netflix. The series is being developed jointly with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. , and although Joseph Gordon-Levitt won’t eventually star in the title role, the cast with Tom Stredge, Gwendolyn Christie, Boyd Holbrook, and Charles Dance still looks great.

gray man

This also applies to perhaps the highest-grossing Netflix premiere of the year, “Gray Man,” which was based on the prose of increasingly popular thriller writer Mark Greaney. Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Chris Evans and Billy Bob Thornton will star in the film, whose main character will be a hitman, who remains on the payroll of the largest government agencies, who receives an unusual assignment. It promises to be an effective production, let it be better than the heavily pumped “red note”.

Cobra Kai: Season 5

After the premiere of the final season of “Ozark,” as well as the fourth installment of “Stranger Things,” Netflix has a few series ace up its sleeve. One of the most powerful series obtained from Youtube TV at one time, which surprisingly updates the well-known version of the sports series “Karate Kid”. Originally based on the competition of two famous characters, the series combines typical teenage drama with many references to the past, creating the perfect product for everyone. Even those who don’t know the original feature at all.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Later this year, we’re supposed to see a spin-off of Cyberpunk 2077. An anime series produced by Studio Trigger, in which the main character is a young boy trying to survive in the world of modern technology in Night City. You can expect many references to the game itself, which may show that the gameplay itself still has great potential, allowing you to forget about the initial problems, which is still the first association with CD Projekt Red.


The film directed by Andrew Dominic, based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, and which presents the story of Marilyn Monroe, has been talked about for a long time. One of the reasons for this media hype is the fact that Ana de Armas will play the main role. The first shots from the set indicate that the actress managed – at least physically – to perfectly recreate the beauty and charm of the American star, and many are already expecting an Oscar nomination for the Cuban-born artist.

The Witcher: blood ratios

There isn’t a year on Netflix without periodic reminders of the new season of “The Witcher.” But this time, a lot is said about the sub-part of the main series, set several centuries before the times of Geralt of Rivia, in which the elves should play a much larger role, and the first sorcerer in the world appears. After the first trailer, the series has of course been flooded with criticism, but regardless, everyone will probably want to check out what the creators of the Netflix series have done this time around with Andrzej Sapkowski’s accomplishments.


Between the sequel to Beetle Juice, Tim Burton worked on the set of an exciting new series set in the world of Addams Family. Her main character is to be a young actress of the famous family, played by Jenny Ortega, who begins her studies at Nevermore Academy. At the same time, she tracks down a serial killer and deals with the mystery of a mysterious event involving her parents. The presence of the aforementioned artist and interesting cast (Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Adams) heralds a production worthy of attention.

King’s Agent

Will 2022 be the year of Elvis Presley? The very interesting Baz Luhrmann movie is hugely popular in cinemas, while Netflix will offer its users a very unusual animation later this year, in which The King of Rock’n’Roll decides to take part in a secret government spy program and becomes an agent fighting against Dark forces threaten the United States. It sounds weird, but the animation looks intriguing and may be an unexpected hit on Netflix this year.


Guillermo del Toro recently worked on a new version of the famous story by Carlo Collodi and we will see the results of this painstaking effort at the end of the year. The new production is slated to be a discontinued animation, and its preparation was accompanied by such famous Mexican actors as Ewan McGregor, Tilda Swinton, Christoph Waltz, David Bradley and Finn Wolfhard. The December premiere period is certainly no coincidence, as this is when the movie should be the most popular.


Interest in Korean productions is not waning at all, although it has waned recently, as evidenced by the example of the movie “Yaksha: Mission Critical”. Despite this, many aficionados will surely find another Asian action movie, “Carter”, which promises to be a very dynamic, steering-less ride. The main character is supposed to be a man who suddenly wakes up in a room and is immediately drawn into a very complex web of intrigue. It’s hard to expect a second “Old Boy” here, but you should definitely count on an amazing show.

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