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The movie “Holy Spider” directed by Iranian-Danish director Ali Abbasi Big feelings during Cannes this year. The film about a serial killer roaming the religious city of Mashhad dazzles with nudity and scenes of brutal brutality. The Cannes audience was shocked after the show, but in the end the film was rewarded with a standing ovation for seven minutes.

Movie "Holy spider" Shocked the city of Cannes‘Holly Spider’ hit Cannes Film Festival

In the years 2000-2001 in Mashhad, 16 prostitutes were killed. In Abbasi, a local journalist named Rahimi (visited Amir Ebrahimi, honored for her role at Cannes) attempts to uncover the case while grappling with the frustration of police indifference to the killer. Abbasi reveals the identity of a serial killer at the beginning of the film – warrior Saeed (Mahdi Baghstani), a seemingly ordinary man who spends his nights picking up women and then brutally killing them in his home. Their death is for him a religious ritual of purification.

In Poland, the film will be distributed by Gutek Film. We don’t know the exact premiere yet.

“Colored Bird” is an on-screen adaptation of Jerzy Kosinski’s 1965 novel, which traces the fate of a boy trying to survive the nightmare of World War II. The book is known for its very brutal scenes that the most sensitive reader cannot cross.

You can also find it in the film directed by Vaclav Merhul. There are a lot of them out there.

“The build-up of unimaginable cruelty in this movie is simply overwhelming. It must have overwhelmed many of the viewers who rushed out of the room, stumbled up the stairs and seemed very unconcerned with how a little kid (Peter Kotlar) got around to getting around. Eastern Europe during World War II will surely come to an end, the black and white cinematography of Vladimir Smotny is beautiful, and grass or wheat looms more here than in Malik, but the violence alone is almost impossible to keep up with.” — for many, a movie with a particularly violent rape scene Exceptional. »Colored bird« groggy composed entirely of such scenes. They follow one by one, without a moment of rest (…) ”- she wrote For Onet Marta Bałaga.

The reviewer emphasized that Merhul burdens this adaptation with cruelty, making Kosinski’s story a “film about hate.”

“Irreversible” mentioned above is the first film by Gaspar Noé who fought for the Palme d’Or at Cannes. The production generated so much emotion at the festival that the weekly Newsweek declared: “It will be the film most people will be making in 2003.” Even famed critic Roger Ebert, who appreciated the production, admitted: “It’s such a brutal and cruel film that most people would find it impossible to watch.”

Vincent Cassel and Albert Dupontel play two men who want to avenge the brutal rape of Alex (Monica Bellucci), the former partner of one and the other. The film is narrated in reverse chronological order. The shocking scene is an attack sequence on Alex that lasted about 10 minutes. The woman was also beaten until she lost consciousness, and her condition is so bad that after being taken to the hospital, doctors put her in a coma (her fate is not explained in the film). After the show in Cannes, there were reports that many viewers lost consciousness, vomited, or ran out of the room during the show.

Here you can see tractor.

Requiem for a Dream by Darren Aronofsky is based on Hubert Selby’s novel of the same title. The story centers on four people who live in Brooklyn: elderly woman Sarah Goldfarb (actress in this role, Ellen Burstyn earned an Oscar for it), her son Harry, Marion, Harry’s girlfriend, and Tyrone, Harry’s girlfriend. Everyone has an addiction – Sarah from TV, Harry, Tyrone and Marion from drugs and drugs. The viewer notes the slow and terrible deterioration of their lives.

Ellen Burstyn and Jared Leto in the movie "Requiem for a dream"Eileen Burstein and Jared Leto in ‘Requiem for a Dream’ – Literal Entertainment / The Everett Collection Courtesy of Everett / East News

As Guy Lodge wrote in the Guardian: “Aronofsky’s film is neither subtle nor tasteful – these are not words that can be used to describe heroin addiction. What it does, however, is implicit in the powerful, albeit in an oppressive way, in the hell experience of all heroes. It is Certainly the most elegantly orchestrated drama around drugs, which has avoided accusations of glorifying addiction.”

In “Requiem for a Dream,” viewers encounter images of an injured vein, electric shock, or sexual violence. Aronofsky’s movie was later considered a cult movie, but that doesn’t change the fact that the show isn’t the easiest movie.

Go and See, a 1985 Soviet war drama directed by Elim Klimov, is one of the films that best describes the absurdity and brutality of war. The production was based on a script written by Ales Adamowicz and the director himself.

“Go and See” seems to be similar to the plot of “Painted Bird” – it also focuses on the character of a boy who takes everything away from the war. The film takes place in 1943 in Belarus, among several villages occupied by the Nazis. The main character, a teenager, becomes a witness to unimaginable cruelty. His family is killed in an execution and he narrowly escapes death; The people around him are being brutally murdered, raped and tortured. A boy who has experienced something incomprehensible is on his way to losing his humanity.

Alexey Kravchenko in the movie "go and see"Alexey Kravchenko in the movie “Go and see” – Janos Film

“When you watch Go and See, you get the feeling that the violence you see is still alive and real — and the screen is not a handicap, nor is the historical distance. As the movie unfolds, you face [odtwórcy głównej roli Aleksieja] Kravchenko turns black, and his initial adventures make everything spiral out of control. This film cannot be called a documentary in the journalistic sense – and yet the few war films produced sooner or later transport us so accurately to those times” – wrote K. Austin Collins in “Vanity Fair”.

Movie is available Entirely on YouTube With English subtitles.



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