Titan Quest Anniversary Edition for PLN 15 on Steam;  Cult RPG
Aug 13, 2023, 19:03

While waiting for Titan Quest 2, it’s worth returning to Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition – or playing this title for the first time. The chance is even better because this great RPG can be bought on Steam for less than PLN 15.

Image courtesy of THQ Nordic.


The hype around the recently released Diablo IV and – above all – the new announcement of Titan Quest II may have awakened in fans of RPGs and hack’n’slashes the desire to play the first installment of this second legendary series again. I mean the updated version of course tqtitled Anniversary Edition.

Includes the Immortal Throne add-on, and the fun can be extended with the content of three more expansions. These are Ragnarok, Atlantis, and Eternal Embers that are less than two years old.

People who have the original in their Steam group have received it Anniversary Edition Free on launch day (in 2016). If you missed this chance to get the game, inside sale By THQ Nordic on the Valve platform You can buy it for only 14.99 PLN.

The offer is valid until August 17th until 19:00 Polish time. You can use it by clicking on the button below.

Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition for PLN 14.99 on Steam

It is worth adding that discussed The offer also includes the above extras:

  1. Ragnarok I got a 75% discount and costs 17.99 PLN;
  2. Atlantis It’s discounted by the same amount, but its low base price – no doubt dictated by the brevity of the expansion – makes the DLC available for PLN 14.99;
  3. Eternal embers – which introduces the sixth chapter of the story – we will buy it half cheaper than usual, that is, for PLN 35.99.

people who already have it Titan Quest: Anniversary EditionAnd can buy The DLC package is a bit cheaper – for PLN 62.07 (instead of PLN 68.97). A similar offer was addressed to those players who decided to immediately purchase the base game and add-ons – they will pay 75.56 PLN (instead of 83.96 PLN).

Depending on which option you choose, expected You’ll have from several dozen to several hundred hours of fun – and their three-digit number can easily be filled by just playing the ‘basic game’. Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition Offers a lot of content – Dozens of enemies and bosses to kill, many different lands to visit, lots of challenges to complete, ability to play with friends or support mods.

No wonder this production continues to receive positive reviews on Steam. They account for 91% of the more than 31,000 submitted by players.

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