Star Wars – 6 scenes weren’t a good idea to delete
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Aug 13, 2023, 19:31

Like every movie, Star Wars hasn’t avoided omitting some scenes. However, removing some of them was not a good idea.

Image source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens; JJ Abrams; Lucasfilm. 2015


star Wars is a real-life phenomenon that has spawned three trilogies, as well as several separate stories. However, these films did not avoid cuts in post-production, which resulted in Removal some scenes.

And although many of them did not fit into the rhythm of the story at all, some of them could have been included in the final version of the film. Certainly, their presence will not negatively affect the storyline, and in most cases will make the plot more believable and not cluttered. Here are five scenes we feel should feature in the movies of the universe star Wars.

Anakin’s fight with Greedo

Let’s start with a scene that would add personality to young Anakin Skywalker the darkness ghost. The deleted sequence will show viewers part of his future. What was seen during this scene that George Lucas ultimately decided to remove from the theatrical version? As the name implies, there will be a fight between Anakin and Greedo, who accused the young boy of cheating during the race. Qui-Gon Jinn will stop the fight. There will be a great deal of predicting the future. Greedo would get a warning from Wald, which would herald his loss at the hands of Han Solo in V.I.E.L.D New hope.

Count Dooku interrogates Padme

Another scene thanks to which we learn the motives of one of the most important characters in the prequel trilogy. This time around, we’re talking about Dooku, played by Christopher Lee, who will get another important screen minutes. Thus, viewers will see his character’s verbal skirmishes with Padme. The scene would also explain the motivations of Dooku himself as well as the separatist movement that no longer believes in the cause of the Republic.

Gergerode’s suspicions

Another scene that should have been in the final cut of the movie. First of all, Moff expands Jerjerrod’s personality, and also shows that Darth Vader was losing faith with Emperor Palpatine, who ordered Jerjerrod to destroy the planet of Endor. As he agrees to his master’s command, it is apparent from him and the other servants of the Empire that they are shaken by this decision.

Finn and the Peasant Girl

The sequel trilogy has also been stripped of many scenes that would have given more meaning to the events depicted on screen. One of them concerns Art, or rather the stormtrooper FN-2187 who initially attacks the village along with other First Order soldiers. The Force Awakens. Although we have seen that this hero has great doubts about the mission he undertakes and command orders, This encounter with a vulnerable villager is sure to show Finn a more human side.

Lea and Roach Oboro

One scene that makes you wonder why the creators finally decided to remove it from the movie. We’re dealing here with world building that’s presented at a really good level. In twenty seconds, we know why the Republic refused to challenge the first order And why is Leah an outcast in the Senate? The scene may have been cut to save Leia’s introduction for later, but it’s impressive how much information was conveyed in such a short time.

Han Solo as an Imperial Soldier

in the movie Han Solo: Star Wars Stories We got acquainted with the fate of the title of young champion. We learn from him, among other things, that Han Solo was one of the pilots serving the Empire. Unfortunately, this thread is not developed properly and it is unfortunate that it ended so soon. His twist could definitely be that two-minute scene where we see Han Solo doing his thing as the pilot of the Tie Fighter.

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