June 8, 2023


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iPhone 14 Pro in hot promotion. The price crushes the competition

When you see the Apple iPhone 14 Pro promotional price, your jaw will drop. Who would have thought that the iPhone would be cheaper than Chinese brands … If I am looking for a quality phone for myself, even as an Android supporter, I will seriously consider the iPhone in this promotion.

Thanks to the promotion of the sbdirect24 store (98.6% positive reviews) on the eBay platform, you can buy a smartphone Apple iPhone 14 Pro in At a price of 1027.9 euros, after taking into account the cost of delivery to Poland. After the direct transfer, this gives us the amount Less than PLN 4715.

At the time of publishing this entry, all color options are available, and the promotion applies to the variant with 128GB of memory. You need a discount code to access the price you selected technextor.

in Compare prices in Poland You can save more than 600 PLNAnd taking into account only official sellers, this amount increases by a few hundred more. Nice savings, isn’t it?

Hell has frozen over. iPhone 14 Pro is cheaper than the Chinese flagship!

At this point, let me point out that the iPhone 14 Pro in the promotion described above is cheaper than Android competitors such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Xperia 1 IV, Xiaomi 13 Pro, vivo X90 Pro or Huawei P50 Pro.

It must be admitted that the best iPhone is cheaper than others, especially Chinese flagships, is a phenomenon that physiologists could not dream of until recently. Since Apple has already dominated the premium segment, now its position can only be better.

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If I’m looking for the best phone for myself, this is it iPhone 14 Pro would be a strong candidate. And I say this as an avowed Android supporter, who has been a fierce skeptic and critic of Apple products for years.

Of course, I wouldn’t go crazy and call the iPhone one of the most cost-effective phones on the market. However, I would appreciate the guarantee of many years of update support, a great camera with great video, an excellent screen, exceptional performance, a good battery and great equipment.

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