Time can flow in both directions.  Amazing results reached by scientists studying materials

As they explain in the post published in Nature physicsThe equations prepared regarding the flow of the aforementioned particles indicate their movement in both directions with the passage of time. These observations were made from an appropriate angle. Therefore, the results of the research conducted do not agree with common sense, but at the same time they show how wonderful the world of physics is.

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Materials such as glass and plastic are made up of molecules that are constantly moving. They are constantly changing their positions, searching for the lowest possible energy states. Given how quickly changes occur in location, we can talk about a particular material aging faster or slower.

Although this has already been talked about in the last century, the practical demonstration of this concept has been a major challenge. Scientists beyond our western borders have recently made significant progress. When reporting on the progress of the experiments, they point out the necessity of using a very sensitive camera. Members of the research team used it to record even the smallest movements of tracked molecules.

When they directed the laser beam at the sample being tested, it was found that the particles in the glass scatter the light. These beams overlapped and created a random pattern of light and dark dots on the camera sensor. Based on statistical methods, the authors of the latest discoveries were able to identify changes in observed patterns over time. This, in turn, led to an assessment of the passage of time in the internal clock of the analyzed material.

The amazing motion of particles observed by the authors does not mean that it will be possible to rewind time or reverse changes in materials

Thanks to support from scientists from Roskilde University in Denmark, they analyzed molecular movements related to the passage of time in matter. That's when the breakthrough happened: These movements turned out to be reversible over time. Although this does not lead to the conclusion that material obsolescence can be reversed, the basic fact remains that the proposed concept of time allows for an effective assessment of the material obsolescence rate.

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Interestingly, the lessons learned apply to many different subjects. According to the parties themselves, this situation applies to all disordered materials, glass and plastic being just one of many examples. As an additional effort, members of the research team want to evaluate how the reversibility of time in a material relates to the reversibility of the physical laws of nature. In addition, they intend to find out why different materials have different internal clocks.

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