Alien life on Venus?  New research by the pole points to a specific place

Venus is a planet that today is difficult to associate with life as we know it on Earth. The temperatures on its surface are infernal, which could lead to lead melting. Could any alien beings live there? Some researchers claim that such a possibility exists, although small.

A team of scientists led by Janusz Petkowski of MIT I decided to look into the atmosphere of Venus for the possibility of life. The research focused on It drew sulfuric acid and was pointed out as a possible habitation By foreign organisms.

Research has shown this Amino acids remain stable in concentrated sulfuric acid. This is important in terms of life because they are the building blocks for the proteins of the living organisms we know from our planet.

The clouds on Venus are composed largely of sulfuric acid. It represents 81 to 98 percent. Its content, the rest is water. But what about life on this planet? The remaining materials can be delivered to this world with meteorites. Even if some living organisms are present in our neighbor's atmosphere, according to the scientist They will be different from those we have on Earth.

Polish research from MIT posits that some alien life could originate on Venus, but in reality there is no hard evidence of this. This could change with a special mission hidden behind specialists from MIT and Rocket Lab, and funded by mysterious philanthropists.

The mission includes transmission to Venus Special probeWhich will study the atmosphere of a neighboring planet for the possibility of this Signs that may indicate alien life. The launch is expected to take place at the end of 2024 or next year. We will have to wait longer to get the results in the form of an analysis of the collected data.


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