December 7, 2022


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Here are the scariest villains from horror movies. Decide on science and also select the most attractive of them

Halloween is fast approaching this year – so now is the time to watch horror movies in a completely different way than before. Service is here to help Psychologist, whose specialists decided to show the most terrifying and – by the way – the most attractive villains from horror films. However, the order generated by the portal is of value as the final order of places in the list is determined by … the flag.

The authors of the list, after a thorough analysis of materials available on the Internet, selected several dozen antagonists who appeared in classic horror films and other products created with Halloween in mind. They then tracked down all the Twitter entries about a particular character from the past seven years, searching for the terms “scary” and “sexy” and their synonyms. Later, specialists used the mathematical golden ratio (also known as the golden ratio), dividing the distances between specific points on the face of the character – let us remind you that according to the rule of the golden ratio, the standard ratio in this area should be about 1.62.

True horror movie icons were on the podium among the scariest horror villains, although somewhat surprisingly, the winner of the ranking beat out the other competitors. Turns out the sexiest villain from the Halloween productions is the one who doesn’t necessarily scare us…

Here both rankings (in parentheses we give the number of Twitter entries with the word “scary” or “sexy” and their synonyms, expressed as a percentage of the golden ratio – in the case of the scariest villains, the better, with respect to the most attractive converse, and the average score for both The two items on a scale from 1 to 100):

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The worst villains in horror movies

Horror Villains Attraction

Inbal Hönigmann, who helped with the study, explains why horror villains can be physically attractive:

There is something undeniably magnetic about creatures that come in the dark, something that is a risk, an obsession, the embodiment of silence. We either want to stop these creatures or take a ride in their crazy car.

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