Ticks in October: Natural Remedies for Ticks.  This is how to protect yourself from being bitten

Autumn is good for walking, but it’s tied to it Increased risk of being bitten by a tick. These spiders are most active before noon and after 4 pm until dusk. We can meet them especially at the edge of forests, in meadows, gardens or in home gardens. Such a meeting with with ticks It may or may not have unpleasant consequences for our health. We are not only talking about Lyme disease that is known to us, but also about tick-borne encephalitis. It is estimated that in Poland approx. 30% of ticks get Lyme disease.

Whether we are going mushroom picking or just having a picnic, it is worth taking care of the right clothes. This is the physical barrier between them with ticks and our body. So they will come in handy Long pants, long-sleeved shirt and hat. Let’s not forget full boots – flip flops in the woods are a bad idea.

Ticks can not be seenSo the color of our clothes is not so important to them. But let’s choose bright colorsIt is easier to find a potential mate. clothes from slippery materialthat is tick It will be difficult to stick to.

tick They react to smells, including sometimes the smell of our sweat. them too The smells that scare them. By following this leadership, we can naturally reduce risks tick bites.

It is worth using Natural oils, such as lemongrass or tea tree oil. It will also work great Clove and thyme oil. All you have to do is dilute one of them with the right amount of water and apply it gently on the skin.

Ticks also hate the smell of lavender, peppermint, and catnip.

in fight ticks Our little allies can help. They for example Ants and beetlesThey are natural enemies of dangerous spiders. So let’s not destroy the anthill in our gardens. We can also create special houses for insects. sometimes tick They become food for lizards, mice and frogs. As it turned out, it is worth looking for allies in nature. It will definitely pay off for us.

After returning from a walk, let’s not forget to conduct a thorough examination of our body. Let’s check the places that are particularly at risk, for example around the neck and groin area, or behind the ears. Let’s note the location of the sting, and each one You should consult a doctor about disturbing symptoms. The increase in erythema and swelling should especially attract our attention. Flu-like symptoms may mean you have Lyme disease. If we’ve been familiar with a previous tick bite, don’t underestimate it.

Adrian Wojtasek

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