NASA has begun assembling the Europa Clipper.  The probe will study the icy moon of Jupiter

Jupiter has dozens of moons, but very few of them are very interesting. this is GanymedeAnd the Io, Callisto and Europa. The latter is another mission target for NASA. It’s a probe Europa clipperthat will fly towards that moon and then explore this icy world.

NASA announced that Assembly work started Related to the Europa Clipper probe. Engineers began assembling the ship. This is done in the JPL laboratory. After that, various tests will be carried out, the purpose of which will be, inter alia, to check the durability of the probe.

NASA assumes that the Europa Clipper will be launched in the fall of 2024. We know the launch will happen today On board a SpaceX Falcon Heavy. The ship must reach the orbit of Jupiter in 2030

Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Johns Hopkins APL

Europa is one of Jupiter’s most interesting moons and there is an ocean beneath it. It is covered with a thick crust of ice about 20 km thick. The probe will receive nine scientific instruments and a large antenna that will communicate with Earth.

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