Ticket price: The Cure singer ‘disgusted’ by Ticketmaster

The Cure frontman Robert Smith is furious with Ticketmaster over the global ticketing company adding fees to the price of tickets for the British band’s concert tours.

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“Like all of you, I am disgusted by the Ticketmaster payment debacle,” Robert Smith wrote in a social media post to the band’s fans and published overnight Wednesday-Thursday.

With an eye on its 30-date North American tour, which stops at the Bell Center in Montreal on June 16, The Cure has insisted on keeping its ticket prices as affordable as possible, specifically refusing to resort to dynamic. Pricing strategy.

Some seats are available for a modest $20.

Enrollment in the Certified Fan Program is also mandatory to secure seats from the start of pre-sales on Wednesday. By doing so, ticket holders retain the right to resell their tickets, but only at the price originally paid for.

“We don’t allow dynamic pricing, surge pricing and platinum tickets because it’s a form of fraud,” Robert Smith said before the sale.

High fees

However, buyers have shared screenshots that show Ticketmaster requires you to pay at least three different fees, doubling the price of some tickets.

In one of them, we see a total of $92.10 in fees added to the purchase of four seats sold for $20 each.

According to Robert Smith, the artist cannot avoid adding these costs. “I asked how they could be justified,” said the singer, who asked his fans not to buy tickets offered by resale sites.

Ticketmaster has yet to respond to Robert Smith’s statements.

tourism Songs of a Lost World Ahead of the release of The Cure’s new album in 2023.

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