War in Ukraine |  Pink Floyd members reunite

(Paris) Pink Floyd has been composing a new original song in support of the Ukrainian people since 1994, which will be released overnight from Thursday to Friday, according to the social networks of the recording company and the group.

Released at 2:09 p.m.

Hey, hey, get up! (Hey, hey, get up!) Will be used to raise funds for humanitarian work. In this title, pillars David Gilmore and Nick Mason use the voice of the Ukrainian group Boombox Andrei Klivnyuk.

“Like many others, we are outraged and frustrated by this despicable act of occupying a free and peaceful democracy and killing one of its greatest powers,” Gilmore said in a statement.

“Recently, I read that Andrei left his US tour with Boombox and returned to Ukraine to work in regional security,” continues this image of Pink Floyd. He saw the video, shot in a square in Kiev, on Instagram, where the artist “sings in the silence of a city with no traffic or little noise due to the war”. “It was a powerful moment and I wanted to put it into music,” he adds.

Gilmore said he was able to trade with Andre Clivene from his hospital bed in Kiev, where he recovered from a motor fracture injury, the recording agency still reveals. “I read him a little bit of the song on the phone and he blessed me. I hope we can do something together and in person soon,” Gilmore continues.

The display of the title reflects the sunflower, one of the symbols of Ukraine and was inspired by the viral video on social networks. It showed a Ukrainian woman insulting two armed Russian soldiers and throwing them at them: “Take these seeds and put them in your pockets. Sunflowers grow when you all relax here.

At the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Gilmore tweeted that “Putin must go.” All music by Pink Floyd (since 1987) and solo Gilmore was removed Streaming According to Pink Floyd’s social media, Russians and Belarusians are a symbol of “firm condemnation of the Russian invasion”.

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