New TVA reality show: “Get Me Out of Here!”  Nathalie Simard outdoes herself.

It’s a funny, touching, and authentic Nathalie Simard, “Get Me Out of Here!” reality show, which TVA viewers will be able to watch as a family this winter just before “La Voix.”

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The 53-year-old singer and host shows a lot of humanity at a base camp in the Costa Rican jungle where she, along with other personalities, go through one tough ordeal after another.

In addition to dealing with snakes, tarantulas and insects, the 10 participants sleep under the stars, deal with oppressive humidity and have oatmeal in the morning and rice and black beans in the evening. Their goal, through these challenges, is for everyone to have extra food or ingredients to spice up their dinner. Meals are placed on the fire next to the beds where the campers try to close their eyes.

Nathalie Simard, who developed lasting friendships with other campers during filming last summer, is proud to have dared to take part in this crazy adventure produced by Produits Déferlantes in collaboration with Quebecor Content. ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’, which has been airing in the UK for over 20 years This concept is taken from the hit reality show. In Quebec, Alexandre Barrett and Jean-Philippe Dion run this production together with significant resources and impressive logistics.

surpass itself

“Get me out of here!” Says the artist who has been in the public eye for half a century in an interview. It made her realize that she was “capable of excelling even more [s]limitations”.

“Life gave me a lot of challenges, but I chose this one. I went to a place where I could go to the show, I made big decisions, it was very special, but I can’t say anything,” she slipped into a smile, insisting that she had signed his contract a week before boarding. Airplane.

Speaking about the “unbelievable human experience” that requires great courage, endurance, he was able to reaffirm that in Costa Rica the positive always wins over the negative.

“I’ve always managed and made something beautiful out of nothing. It’s a strength I have and I feel overwhelmed. There, it’s like I’ve gone to integrate everything,” the singer explained, “after taking power back to “Liberation.” [s]For Life”, she was sexually assaulted for years by former impresario Guy Cloutier.

“Hunger, strength, winning, when you’re malnourished, when you don’t have what it takes to go through all the hardships … we’re really being tested. Sleeping under the stars, I try to live fully in the present, not wondering if I’ll be visited by a bug or an army of red ants attacking me as I drift off to sleep. ! You really have to surrender and become one with nature.”

Nathalie Simart has been a regular host on Country Pop 92.9 radio in Mauritius where she lives for over 10 years. From January 9, he will pilot from 1 pm to 4 pm. He also continues to write a weekly column in the magazine “La Semaine” and is fully engaged in his quarterly magazine “Simpliment bien avec Nathalie”.

  • The reality show “Get Me Out of Here!” Airs every Sunday at 6:30 PM on TVA starting February 19.

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