Thriller in Vienna!  Eight goals and promotion of Legia Warsaw

At the start of the game, we didn’t see any good chances on either side. Only in the 22nd minute, Legia launched a more daring attack. Marc Gual ran to the left side of the field, but his shot in the penalty area was not blocked by any of his teammates. After 10 minutes, Josue seriously hit from outside the penalty area. However, the scoreboard remained scoreless.

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Finally, the 39th minute came. Before the “16” line was Jurgen Eltim. The Colombian fired a powerful half-volley that beat Christian Frochtel. Three minutes later it would have been 1-1. With James Holland’s header, Legia was saved off the crossbar. The match opened at the end of the first half. In the 44th minute of the match, Bowie and Wozek were one step away from scoring. The winger of the Polish vice-champions had a lot of space in the penalty area, but he shot with great power and moved the ball over the goal.

In extra time, the Warsaw players made their way to the first half. Bartosz Slez centered in the penalty area. Turn off the cross phone. The Spaniard gave Legia a 2-0 lead in the match and 3-2 on aggregate.

After dozens of seconds of changing teams, Coach Runjaic’s team had a great opportunity to increase the lead. Patrick Kuhn headed after the center of Wszołek. The ball passed through the hands of the Austrian goalkeeper, hit the crossbar and went into a corner. Finally, Legia scored the third goal in the 59th minute of the match.

The Legion launched a fatal counterattack. A series of quick passes ended in mobile play against Thomas Beckhardt. The Czechs defeated Frochtel at close range. It is worth emphasizing that in this case the work was of exceptional beauty. After 10 minutes, a contact hit was recorded for Austria. Dominic Fitz ran down the left wing and then played with Andreas Gruber. The 28-year-old fired brilliantly into Kasper Topas’s goal window.

This goal allowed the Viennese to believe that they could even go to extra time. Gradually, they started creating more and more dangerous scoring opportunities. And in the 80th minute, they called for “11” after Tobiasz caused in the penalty area the fall of one of the Austrian players. Three minutes later, the hosts equalized on aggregate. The Legia defenders were clearly dozed off at Fritz’s cross, which was again finished by Gruber.

When it looked like we were going to see extra time in Vienna, Legia launched a decisive attack. Josue played on the right wing, where Pawe Wszołek found himself. Send the ball to the front. There, Maciej Rosołek, introduced from the bench, freed himself from the defender’s care and gave Legia the lead on aggregate with an accurate shot. After a moment it became clear that Austria would finish the match with ten men. Aleksandar Đokić was shown a red card for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Austria, playing short, bets everything on one card in overtime. It made an impact. In the 96th minute, Reinhold Ranftel equalized. Then the situation changed dramatically and it looked like we would be watching overtime. In the tenth minute of extra time, Legia made the last attack, which finished off Ernest Musey. Austria desperately tried to go into extra time again, but they ran out of time. Legia won the two-legged match and advanced to the next round of the Conference League qualifying round, where they will face Danish FC Midtjylland.

Austria Vienna – Legia Warsaw 3: 5 (0: 2)

Objectives: Gruber 69, 83, Ranftl 90 + 6 – Elitim 39, Gual 45, Pekhart 58, Rosolek 87, Muci 90 + 10

Austria Vienna: Christian Frochtel – Reinhold Ranftel, Johannes Handel, Marvin Martins, Lukas Galvão – Marvin Putzmann (Manuel Polster VI), James Holland (Alexander Jokic 62), Matthias Braunauder (Manfred Fischer 62) – Andreas Gruber, Dominic Fitz, Moharm Huskovic (82. Alexander Schmidt)

Legia Warsaw: Kacper Tobiasz – Artur Jędrzejczyk, Rafał Augustyniak, Yuri Ribeiro – Pawe Wszołek, Bartosz Slisz, Juergen Elitim (74. Jurgen Celhaka), Patryk Kun (90 + 4. Lindsay Rose) – Josue (90 + 4. Ernest Muchar) Mark Gual ( 61. Maciej Rosolek)

Yellow cards: Gruber, Martins, Fischer – Elite, Jordziek, Slesz, Josue, Mossy

red card: Jokic (89, for a foul)

First match: 2:1. promotion: Legia Warsaw.

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