March 21, 2023


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Emotions are greater than in the league.  Eight teams in the upgrade game

Emotions are greater than in the league. Eight teams in the upgrade game

Miedź Legnica has been out of reach of competitors almost all season. Coach Wojciech Łobodziński’s squad was promoted four rounds before the end, but in mid-March that was actually a foregone conclusion. After winning with success, he faced off who attempted the chase, but defeated Eric and Widzew without any problems.

These clubs and Corona fought for a long time for the second place in the direct promotion. However, they struggled excessively. In the last two rounds, they managed to score 18 points in total, winning one. Widzew and Arka’s power can be used by Korona, but she loses at home to GKS Katowice and has no chance of a direct upgrade.

So in this case the two teams of Gdynia and ódź will be adjudicated. Widzew has one more point, but to be sure of promotion, he must win. If Arka is tied on points, he will be outperformed because he has a better balance in head-to-head matches (two wins).

وودód fans remember the latest drama promos and are again anticipating great feelings. Anyway, there was no shortage of them until the end of this week. Widzew since his return to the league eight years later has been a hair in Legnica, or actually eleven metres. At the end of the match, Julius Letnovsky missed a penalty kick 0-0, and the Meds eventually won.

Two years ago, Widzew was promoted to League One in the last round, despite losing to Znicz Pruszków at home. The opportunity was not taken advantage of by the players of GKS Katowice, who drew at home, and in extra time they missed the goal due to the weight of entering the back of the league – the ball rebounded from the post. In Lodz, fans received the promotion in disgust – there was not even an occasion to mark the promotion, some fans stormed the field and a few players entered.

In 2018, Widzew had to defeat Sokoł in the last game in Ostróda to get out of the third league. He was losing 1-2, but in the end he made up for the losses and won promotion to the second division with great nerves.

Now fans of The Lodge are afraid of the same intense feelings and nerves. The same will happen in Gdynia, because all matches will start at the same time (Sunday, 12:40). Some people say that Widzew will be promoted again in the ugliest way possible – they will lose to Podbeskidzie at home, and Arka will lose to Sandcja at home. However, these are just discussions.

What is certain is that the residents of Bielsko-Biawa and Neu-Soch still have a chance to play in the playoffs. Podbeskidzie loses two points to the sixth brave (as well as the seventh Sandecja). Only by winning can the playoffs be played. Sandecja has as many points as Chrobry, but a worse balance than live matches. The Głogów team theoretically has the easiest task – Zagłębie Sosnowiec, who has already remained in the league, takes over.

The final round of League One will definitely be more exciting than the end of the season in the League, as everything was decided last weekend. The fight for the league will continue in four arenas – with the exception of ód, Gdynia and Gogove, ŁKS has a chance to play the play-offs in Katowice (by two points behind sixth place). Corona will play in Tichy, but he is already in fourth place. Fifth place will certainly be occupied by Odra Opole, who will occupy Resovia. This means that he will play against Corona in Kielce in the playoffs.

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