Netflix has released one of the worst series in history.  Viewers criticize competition mockery

SVOD’s November show featured a title that was supposed to win over the ’90s generation. However, expectations clashed with the reality that subscribers and reviewers of the platform did not receive a story about one of the recent stellar video rental companies. The Blockbuster series is best avoided.

It is no secret that the owners of Netflix are betting on a very diverse catalog of films, series and cartoons, the fate of which depends not so much on reviews, but on audience ratings and acceptance among users. However, the service’s latest show may struggle to get the green light for a second season.

And we are talking about “Blockbuster”, a comedy series that, according to many audiences, mocks the history of Blockbuster Video, the popular American video rental network – for many years the company lost its competition with Netflix.

Even before the premiere of the production on the web, you can find reviews attacking the creators and the main concept of the series. It was said Netflix “dances over the grave of competition” and it turns out it is. Although the cast includes well-known actors from other sitcoms or comedy productions (including Melissa Fumero and Randall Park), the slow script and silly jokes mean that only 22% of Rotten Tomatoes critics cheer the show. Site users didn’t like seeing Vanessa Ramos either (44% of recommendations).

Consequently, Production was among the lowest rated platform series. Last year, the editorial team at Rotten Tomatoes compiled a list of the worst series, Where the winner can boast of an average referral of 25%. As you can see, Blockbuster managed to beat this result.

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