Original or copy?  Joanna Obozda looks like a Brigitte Bardot clone! [QUIZ]

It was recently announced Angelina Jolie You will play the role of a famous opera singer Maria Callas. Production is still at the planning stage, but viewers are already paying attention to the striking similarity between the famous actress and singer.

We’ll have to wait for the movie, but that’s still the case We have many productions at our disposal that are based on facts from the lives of stars. Some are more successful and some are less successful. However, they always tell stories of successful people. Speaking of biopic films, we want to check how perceptive you are.

You can read the rest of the article below the video:

We have prepared a brief quiz and your task is to show which of the images is the original star and which is the movie version. Sound easy? But it is not!

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Original or copy? Contest only for committed viewers!

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