This is how the Russians got to the other side of the river.  Amazing video - O2

Next announced how the Russians had reached Kherson. It is one of the few independent news portals in Belarus whose editorial staff openly opposes the regime of Alexander Lukashenka. And as they emphasized in their Twitter post, the method used by the occupiers is being praised in Russian propaganda.

This is how the Russians reach Kherson

To get to the other side of the Dnieper, directly to the city of Kherson, captured by the Russian invader, the Russians use huge rafts or parts of coastal bridges. It is so solid and large that not only people, but also cars are transported.

According to Reuters, it is not without reason that the Russian invaders are not able to cross the Dnieper in a different way. Until now, they used the bridge, but in order to impede the other actions of the occupier, the Ukrainians fired on it from HIMARS launchers provided by the United States.

After the destruction of the Antoninsky Bridge, the occupation authorities decided to close it to civilians. Since it was the only such bridge over the river to Kherson, it turned out that it was necessary to look for an alternative means of transport across the Dnieper. The structural integrity of the structure itself was not affected, and repair work is currently underway.

It is no coincidence that the Antoninsky Bridge can still be repaired. Natalia Homenyuk, a spokesman for the “South” command of the Ukrainian army, confirmed that the soldiers deliberately tried not to destroy the bridge structure so that it could still be used after the invaders were expelled.

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