Sony could negatively affect Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard.  The Japanese issued a statement

Organizations from around the world are collecting data about the acquisition of Microsoft, which plans to add the entire Activision Blizzard to its family. Market regulators are seeking feedback from companies like Sony. The Japanese do not hide that the giant from Redmond may soon reach the most famous brand in the world.

At the beginning of the year, Microsoft announced its intention to acquire Activison Blizzard, which aroused great interest in the industry. However, an investment of $68.7 billion is a very complex and complex process, and in the case of such a large amount, it is necessary to receive approval opinions from representatives of individual markets. Authorities and government agencies are looking into an agreement that could have a negative impact on the gaming industry.

Brazil’s Administrative Council for Defense Economics (CADE), among other things, asked Sony to comment on the possible acquisition of Activision Blizzard from Microsoft. The company has paid special attention to the Call of Duty brand – According to the judges of the Japanese intellectual property company, with which it is impossible to compete:

“No other developer can devote the same level of resources and experience to developing games. Even if they could, Call of Duty is so firmly entrenched that no competitor – no matter how important – can surpass it. Call of Duty has been the best-selling game of nearly every year. Over the past decade, it is by far the best-selling game of its genre. It is synonymous with first-person shooters and essentially defines this category.”

As he sees it precisely Tweaktown EditorsThe announcement could be seen as an argument against the exclusivity of the Call of Duty franchise, or even as a factor that negatively affects the entire acquisition case. As Sony Interactive Entertainment accurately points out – PlayStation and Xbox producers do not have such a strong brand in their catalog exclusively:

“Exclusive games are part of the rivalry between Microsoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment, although so far neither company has developed or acquired an exclusive game that has definitely shifted the balance in favor of a single console. This is because exclusive games are less popular and represent less revenue than games AAA third-party software currently available on Xbox and PlayStation.

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