Russians talk about Poland.  "In the Pentagon they only dream about it" - o2

Piontkovsky, who comes from Moscow and lives in the United States, has been critical of Russia and Vladimir Putin’s actions since the start of the war. The 82-year-old has written several books about Putin, which he compared to Adolf Hitler in 2014.

“They’re dreaming about it, and I know the mood in the Pentagon.”

Recently, Piontkowski gave an interview to the Ukrainian portal, where he spoke, among other things, about a possible military conflict between NATO and Russia. NATO wants to avoid it at all costs. Meanwhile, Piontkovsky claims that there are people in the Pentagon, that is, at the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, who would like a direct confrontation with Putin’s forces.

People in the Pentagon – and I know their mood very well, because I talk to the Ukrainian army, which is constantly cooperating with them – are waiting and dreaming about it. Piontkovsky said that they dream that even part of the Russian missile will fall on the territory of some NATO country, Poland or Romania.

Actions in line with Article 5 of NATO

In the event of such a situation, NATO could revitalize Art. 5. The North Atlantic Treaty, which states that any attack on any member of the Alliance must be interpreted by other member states as an attack on the entire Alliance.

The political scientist claims that Putin is aware of this, and therefore shows a certain “shyness” during the war in Ukraine. This “shame” consists, among other things, in the fact that Russia – contrary to the statements of the Russian president – does not strike convoys with equipment delivered by Western countries to Ukraine.

The whole of Ukraine saw horses with HIMARS systems – I counted 15 … The caravan was passing through Romania, they showed it in the recording. Let’s only part of the missile fall, and no one will be able to prevent the Pentagon from launching the fifth article with all the consequences – said Piontkovsky.

NATO launched a spy for the first time in history

NATO Minister Jens Stoltenberg has repeatedly denied any reports of a possible clash between NATO and Russia. That is why NATO does not send its troops to Ukraine, and NATO planes do not appear in Ukrainian airspace.

In March, Stoltenberg announced that for the first time in history, NATO had launched its spearhead, the Rapid Reaction Force. He said: We have fighters at the highest level of readiness, more than 200 ships. He also said the alliance was “open to diplomacy and opportunities for de-escalation”.

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