This is how the Kremlin propaganda wants to encourage the army.  We present the most ridiculous films for Russians

On September 21, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the military mobilization of the Russians. However, in addition to those who are called up to join the ranks of the army, volunteers are also encouraged.

Everything indicates that closing the gaps is not what the Kremlin intended. With a “helping hand” comes Russian propaganda, according to which films are made encouraging Russian youth to fight in Ukraine. We present 4 films that cross the boundaries of absurdity.

Her Daughter Wants a New Phone – Murder March to Ukraine

The first story features two teenagers. In the video, someone says she will have a new phone soon. Then her father enters, who reports that the company is again late with payments, so the machine stops. The girl returns to talk to her friend and they tell each other how their fathers once served heroically in the army. The man, having heard these stories, leaves the house. He returns after six months of service, and after embracing his daughter, he gives her the phone of her dreams…

Son of the army, but the car will remain

The second film tells the story of an elderly man with financial problems. In the article, we see how, when shopping, he is forced to put products on the shelf due to lack of cash. In the end, he decides to sell the car, but the agreed buyer does not agree to the exact price, which means that the car will be returned for pennies. Just before signing the contract, his son appears, who announces that his father no longer has to worry about money, because the boy has joined the army.

Go to your death and the usurers will be left

Another video shows the case of a young boy who appears to have borrowed money from the wrong people. Leaving the apartment, he encounters moneylenders who have been waiting for him. When the situation becomes uninteresting, the boy announces that he has signed a contract for military service, allowing him to defer payment. This, of course, according to the letter, completely changes the attitude of the debt collectors and they not only let the man go, but also remove the paintings they had made from his door.

“Each of us can find himself in a difficult life situation. And then calls from the bank begin or visits from loan holders (…) Do you like it? Of course not. But there is Federal Law No. 377 of October 7, 2022., according to which he gets Everyone who serves under a contract on a guaranteed credit leave (…) You have two options. The first is to defend yourself against debt collectors. The second is to defend your homeland. Remember that when you defend your homeland, your homeland also protects you.”

– says the letter read by the teacher at the end of the film.

“men left”

It should be noted that Russian propaganda is looking for soldiers, and not just a reference to their wallets. The material was also prepared to strike at the pride of the Russians.

One of these videos shows a conversation between two women, during which the question arises that those called up to the army are fleeing from conscription to Georgia. At the end we see the moment the elderly woman falls and the men who lift her from the ground.

“Boys leave, men stay.”

Comments of a character.

Remember, today marks 300 days since the start of the war in Ukraine. Since then, Russian propaganda has tried in various ways to convince that service in the army of the Russian Federation is nothing but benefits. More than 100 thousand people have died in Ukraine, according to the Pentagon. Russian soldiers.

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