February 5, 2023


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"Drops".  A decade after its premiere, the series has been an unexpected success

“Drops”. A decade after its premiere, the series has been an unexpected success

“Upadek” (“The Fall”) is a series from 2013, presented by VOD.pl, recently added to the Netflix library; It has quickly become one of the most popular content on the recent streaming platform. What makes the series so interesting? Definitely a suspenseful screenplay for the dark story of a female psycho killer, as well as great acting portrayals of Gillian Anderson as a policewoman and Jamie Dornan as the killer. The onscreen duel will keep you in suspense for three full seasons!

“Fall” – hit with Gillian Anderson

Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) comes to Belfast, To oversee the investigation on behalf of the Greater London Police About killing a woman who was strangled in her bed. One of the suspects is the victim’s ex-husband – a representative of the local establishment, so It could easily become a source of conflict in a divided place like Belfast.

However, viewers already 10 minutes after the first episode know it Young offender Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) Wasim, husband of a nurse and father of two children – from Under the cover of night, sneaking into the homes of beautiful women who live aloneTo spy on them, steal their underwear and eventually kill them.

double point of view Once on the part of the police, and sometimes killers, this is one of the genre innovations we’re dealing with in “The Fall”. Fascination with serial killer psychology is one trend Continuing in the criminal type for several years. string like “Dexter”, “Hannibal” czy “You”they force the viewer to change his optics and get into the skin of the criminal, which is as interesting as it is disturbing.

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“Fall” – a duel between a policewoman and a killer

Dornan and Anderson act in a duel This is one of the show’s greatest strengths. They both have created some of their best creations of their careers here. Especially the Irish actor known to a wider audience as Starring in “Fifty Shades of Gray”. In “Upadku”, he gives a show of first-class acting.

Created by Alan Cubat (including “My Sons” and “Sherlock Holmes and the Silk Stocking”) A scenario with the expressive characters of policewomen and killers, who – although theoretically at opposite ends of the law – have surprisingly much in common, which is another reason to watch “Fallout.” Both have the ability to turn off completely: The killer is a loving father and husband on a daily basisThe policewoman does not allow any emotion related to the investigation, telling another representative of the male-dominated forensic world: Forensic pathologist Tanya (Archie Punjabi, aka Kalinda from the TV series “The Perfect Wife”).

Alan Cupet This is what he wrote in “The Guardian” about the scenario of his decisions:

Television investigators are often more of a combination of traits and skills than real people. They are geniuses who tend to break the rules (In real life, you will end up filing charges against such policemen), often alcoholics who drink alcohol because of their failed marriage. I wanted Stella to break free from such stereotypes,” Cobbett wrote.

Completely guided by Copt The story has an amazing and suffocating atmosphere exacerbated by the narrowness Human operator Rory O’Brienfocusing mainly on the faces and feelings of the characters drawn on them.

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