Keanu Reeves talks about the details of the relationship.  Who is his lover?

Keanu ReevesHe was born on September 2, 1964 in Beirut. He has a unique beauty that he inherited from his mother, Patricia Taylor, who is from England and has Irish roots, and from his father, Samuel Nolen Reeves, who is of Hawaiian-Chinese descent. . Keanu's name means “cold wind that blows from the mountains.” In Polynesian, it was given to him by his father, reflecting his unique roots.

Reeves' career could have taken a completely different path, as he had the potential to become a professional hockey player, but his plans were thwarted by injury. However, his passion for sports and his physical abilities opened the door to the world of action films. After the victory bMatrix“, Reeves became famous as a fearless actor who took it upon himself to save the world in roles such as Neo, Johnny Mnemonic, John Constantine, Klaatu, and John Wick. He is known for performing almost all the exciting scenes, including fights and acrobatics. Personally, he represents about 90 % of his cinematic exploits.

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