This film caused a storm in Ukraine.  The army verifies its authenticity

If these reports are confirmed, the main question that arises is: How could a spy camera be installed in such a place, and the recordings from it be quickly transferred to accounts that spread Russian propaganda?

According to Ukrainian media, there is likely a hidden camera in the office of the main military commissar of Rivne, Oleksandr Yarmoshevich.

Scandal in movies. Services are conducting the investigation

Videos posted online show how, in the privacy of the office and against the backdrop of sacred paintings, the officer indulges in an exchange of tenderness with women. In one clip, he appears hugging and kissing a blonde woman, and in another, he shows similar affection for a red-haired soldier wearing a military uniform. These intimate moments, captured on camera, caused a sensation in Ukraine and a reaction from state agencies. They examine the authenticity of the recordings and the context of their creation.

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