​Były prezydent USA Donald Trump w ostrych słowach ocenił we wtorek sytuację w Afganistanie, twierdząc, że Ameryka nigdy wcześniej nie została tak upokorzona. Trump bronił też zawartej przez niego umowy z talibami.

Former US President Donald Trump made a stark assessment of the situation in Afghanistan on Tuesday, arguing that America had never been humiliated. Trump also defended his deal with the Taliban.

Over the years, our country has not been humiliated. I don’t know whether to call it a military defeat or a psychological defeat, unless it happened before [w Afganistanie] Trump said in an interview with Fox News.

The former president claims that Despite his agreement with the Taliban in February 2020, which set the date for the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan by May 2021, he would never allow the situation today to happen. He stressed that in the event of a Taliban attack on the cities, he would attack them “with great force.”

He also admitted that he had spoken to Taliban leader Mullah Baradar on numerous occasions and warned him that if he attacked the Americans, he would attack his village. Baradar was released from prison in 2018 at the request of the Trump administration as part of an effort at peace talks.

Of course you had to meet the Taliban, you had to negotiate with them (…) We had a lot – said the former president. As he admitted it The Taliban, whose movement began in 1994, are “good fighters who have been fighting for more than a thousand years.”. At the same time, he misjudged the state of Afghan forces, as well as former President Ghani, whom he “never loved” and whom he called a fraud.

Trump said a chaotic US exit from Afghanistan would “affect US relations for decades”.

When China watches this, they are very happy and laugh at us (…) Trump said. He repeated his unsubstantiated accusations that last year’s presidential election was rigged and that China “could help”.

Biden: I cannot repeat the mistakes of my predecessors in Afghanistan, and we cannot afford them

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