The adventure starts badly for Coeur de pirate

The Quebec singer has had a string of disappointments before stepping on the “Dancing with the Stars” floor on Feb. 16. On Instagram, Coeur de Pirate admitted his leg injury…

Announced for the cast of the new season of “Dancing with the Stars,” the adventure begins for Coeur de Pirate. Not only did the singer miss a press conference last week, but she told her fans she was injured before rehearsals even started.

On Thursday, February 1, the 34-year-old Quebec artist took to her Instagram account to share a not-so-pleasant story: “Apparently I sprained my toe (or broke it, I don't know yet) before I started dancing. ,” she captioned a photo of her wrapped toe. An injury that complicates his first rehearsal for DALS Season 13…

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The adventure starts off badly for Coeur de Pirate, a new candidate for “Dancing with the Stars,” Season 13. On Instagram, February 1, 2024.

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Even before the accident, the trainee dancer was forced to miss a press conference organized at the TF1 campus on January 25. While the new jury and eleven of the twelve candidates gathered around host Camille Combal, the video featured Cœur de pirate apologizing for his absence. From her home in Canada, she filmed herself in front of a towering wall of snow that surrounded her home and prevented her from going to the airport.

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Judging by her latest Instagram stories, the singer – real name Beatrice Martin – seems to still be at home with her kids Romy (11 years old) and Arlo (2 years old)… Meanwhile, rehearsals have started in Paris. Other new stars of the show.

“A Luxury Cast” for DALS, Season 13

Friday February 16, American actor James Denton (Mike Delfino in “Desperate Housewives”), Black M, Cristina Cardula, singers Natasha St-Pierre and Adeline Toniuti, Diane Layer (Miss France 2022), comedians Roman Doduk and Inez Reck, track Queen Kiona, Caroline Margeridan and influencer Nico Capone are set to step out for the first time in the 2024 edition of “Dancing with the Stars.”

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“A sumptuous casting,” with Jean-Marc Genereux, Chris Marquez, Favo Hadot and a newcomer, Canadian choreographer Mel Charlotte, who took his place on the jury this year.

Two new pro dancers

Only one pairing has already been announced, formed by Adeline Tonuiti and Adrien Caby. Other twins will be broadcasted by the first channel until the first channel starts.

In this 13th season, the group of dancers includes the regulars of the show: Adrienne Gaby, but also Candice Pascal, Ines Vandam, Yann-Alric Mortreuil, Maxime Terimes, Christophe Licata, Jordan Maulerac, Christian Millet, Elsa Bois or again Anthony Collette.

A new name among the dancers this year is Nicolas Archambault, who was already a judge on the show. The 13th dancer's name was announced at the end of the casting call for “Who Will Be Dancing With The Stars?” ”, will be revealed soon.

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