November 27, 2022


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Is the PS5 being intentionally sold with a defect?  Players are suing Sony

Is the PS5 being intentionally sold with a defect? Players are suing Sony

The Japanese manufacturer will be sued by a group of dissatisfied customers who are certain that a defective product is available in the market. The main problem is malfunctions – prosecutors say that the fault is known to the company.

Last year, Sony faced some players who accused the creators of not caring about the proper quality of DualSense controllers. Currently, there may be a courtroom meeting or settlement regarding the PlayStation 5 console.

The lawsuit filed by Christina Trejo of Illinois in the US is referred to as the voice of a group of “dissatisfied PlayStation 5 owners” to which any dissatisfied US resident can sign in.

As evidenced by the content of the document, Users systematically dealt with several malfunctions that can damage the entire system:

“Trejo and other floods claim that they often crash no matter what game they’re playing, which can lead to loss of saved data or potential damage or harm to the entire system.”

Dissatisfied consumers think so Sony “Deliberately concealing information about this defect and intentionally selling consoles without warning customers of this fact”.

The evidence presented included links to frustrated player reviews and complaints in social media, which would accurately present the scale of the negative phenomenon. The first posts were published shortly after the premiere in 2020. The resource pack also includes articles on how to repair your console yourself. The last one was created just a few weeks ago, which indicates that the manufacturer has not yet dealt with the emerging problems it has had for nearly two years.

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Sony repairs consoles that fail due to malfunctions, on top of that, the manufacturer’s troubleshooting site mentions malfunctions during gameplay – a “potential problem” that qualifies for warranty repair.

According to the lawsuit, the Japanese know the inconvenience that can also occur after the 12-month warranty, but They did not warn customers to sell the console and did not take it “There is no significant action to solve the problem”.

If the judge approves of the injured, the company will have to pay compensation. However, no specific amount of compensation has been indicated at the moment. There is also an opportunity for company representatives to try to solve the case outside the courtroom.