The colored dots on the tires have become very important.  Do you have them too?

The production process Tires It is long and very technically advanced. Rubber has to go through a lot of different tests and finally quality control. For approval, tires are checked for balance and centering. As practice shows, the perfect balance is almost unattainable.

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The bus was full of passengers without a single tire. The driver was surprised by the reason for the police control

Why use colored dots on tires?

Therefore, some manufacturers put the points at the point where the deflection of the variable radial force is greatest or lowest. This is a tip for the vulcanizer how to position the tire on the flange relative to the valve. A person skilled in the art may limit the use of weights or balance belts. In addition, a colored dot is also a kind of approval for a tire problem and a green light for travel to distribution centers and then points of sale.

Dots on tires – types and colors

Manufacturers do not have to mark their tires with a colored dot. Therefore, some avoid this solution, others use, for example, triangles for this, and others conclude at their discretion.

Most often, tires have yellow, white, red or green graphic markings. There is no rule for what a particular color means. Bridgestone marks the lightest spot in yellow and the heaviest spot on the tire as red. Yokohama and many Japanese, Korean and European companies report to the distributor with a white dot that they have successfully passed quality tests. Remember that sometimes the individual colors of the driver are of no value. It’s just an internal code that runs in the factory and that employees use to transmit information. The issue of points on tires is not regulated systems.

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Dots on rims – what do they mean?

Round and colored markings on rims are also increasingly common. This is due to the fact that tire concerns are strengthening their cooperation with car companies. Global companies work together to develop products to improve quality. Thus, at least in theory, the client gets a more compatible group. This mainly applies to tires and rims that go to Sentences for the first compilation. The goal is simple. Best driving characteristics w cars Sports And those specialized, used in difficult conditions.

Should you keep track of the color of the dots when choosing tires?

The absence of a colored dot in no way excludes a particular frame. For the user, it is negligible. Many vulcanizers are also unable to precisely define their functions. What matters is the right balance, as well as the appropriate certifications that guarantee safety and comfort in use.

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