This Breaking Bad spin-off creator doesn’t want to watch

Ten years after completion Braking padSeries creator Vince Gilligan pointed out in the columns of Variety That he has no intention of making a spin-off on this cult fictional character.

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After Better call SaulIt ended in August 2022 after six seasons NetflixVince Gilligan is the man behind the franchise Braking padNot idle and is already working on the development of a new series starring Rhea Seahorn “A very different role from the one he played in Better Call SaulContrary to what some fans think, WaigaroThe American producer’s new TV project will have nothing to do with the universe Braking pad. It has to be said that Vince Gilligan is really done with the cult series. The screenwriter also has no desire to see a spin-off centered on this character.

Vince Gilligan (Braking pad) : “I don’t want this to happen

After getting a glimpse into the lives of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman Braking padVince Gilligan said in an interview with the media Variety He has absolutely no desire to deal with productionA spin-off centered on Walter White’s son. “I find myself thinking about these characters from time to time, dreaming of what would have happened to Walt’s family after this finale. Amazing people like Anna Gunn and RJ Mitte play such interesting roles and I can’t help but wish them a happy ending. When Breaking Bad ends, it’s not a very happy ending for these characters, but it’s shown that their lives go on.“, he declared.

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Braking pad : This idea will never see the light of day

I want to hope things are getting better for them. I hate the idea of ​​Walt Jr. following Walt’s footsteps into the world of crime. This is probably the kind of storyline that someone might come up with in 10 or 15 years – Walter Jr. as an Albuquerque crime lord whose father has failed. I assure you now that I have no vested interest in this event.“, he continued. And concluded: “So it is not possible. As RJ Mitte is an amazing actor and a handsome guy, the only thing attractive about this idea is to work with RJ Mitte again. But doing so can actually be depressing. If there’s a lesson to be learned from this series, it’s a bad one“.

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