The mushrooms began to disappear from their favorite place.  The mushroom picker installed a camera – o2

Stephen Sangster from London works in banking, but in his spare time he manages a patch of forest and passionately collects mushrooms. Only a true mushroom picker would understand the man’s anger when he discovered that someone was stealing large specimens from his trusted place.

The fungus began to disappear. The mushroom picker installed a camera

The 41-year-old can’t leave it like that. He bought a small camera and hid it in the place where the mushrooms were supposed to grow. A few days later, he watched the recorded video. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

It turns out that the thief was not another envious mushroom picker, but… a voracious squirrel. The smart redhead cut the mushroom stems until they fell to the ground, then started eating them. You can see from the baby’s behavior that brown heads are very rare for him.

The rest of the article is below the video

Steven couldn’t stay mad at the cute animal for long. He posted an unusual video starring a hungry man on the Internet. The film was an instant hit, and the Lodz Zoo even recently shared it on Facebook.

The squirrel stole the hearts of netizens who admired his cute cat and his amazing appetite.. In the comments section below the video, they point out that rodents, as denizens of the forest, have priority access to the forest’s delicacies.

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