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What happened between Yalmas and Demir (Murad Analmi)? Turkish soap opera ““His latest episode was one of his toughest episodes. Fiction.””, Starring Züleyha (Hilal Altınbilek) and Yılmaz (Uğur Güneş), has entered a time when shooting is high on stories such as plot, revenge and Turkey and Spain. The most popular products.

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Success “Copied internationally in more than 30 countries. The Ottoman play It is characterized by the excellent quality of its work in terms of the status and characteristics of its characters, in addition to its plot. 70s decade.

From its first appearance in Turkey on September 13, 2018, The Reached more viewers, therefore, its episodes from September 9, 2021 Season 4 In its original broadcast.

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How many chapters does “Bitter Land” have? The Ottoman series is high until September 2021 103 chapters, Spread over four seasons. Season 1 has 35 episodes. The second, 28. and Season 3 is 39, which was one of the most successful and led to the story continuing to air.

What is “Züleyha” about? The plot of the Turkish soap opera center on the couple Züleyha y Yilmaz, Who are fleeing Istanbul A Kukurova After killing the latter while protecting his girlfriend from sexual abusers. However, to mislead and not leave traces of their past, they pretend Brothers Each leads a life that unites them with others, especially emotionally.

A couple before the protagonists of the soap opera start recording. (Photo: ATV Turkey)

Why did Yilmas and Demir shoot at “Man Amarka”?

Turkish drama “Bitter landIs broadcast in Spain Antenna 3. The TV channel was recently screened Chapter In which Yilmas and Demir They face gunfire in the mansion Yemen. Obviously, the two have no choice but to face their differences or end them War Owned.

Because their families agreed to a peace, in fact, always hung by a thread and it only took a moment to break it. So that was it Yilmas Who came to the property, after calling Iron For his name, he started firing burning clothes, although his rival disappeared behind a column.

Shooting is present Saleha, mother of Chermin and Majkan, They can not believe what they see and can not pray that there is no misfortune. Fekeli y Hunkar They seem to save their children and end the hell of weapons. Delmir tells Yelmas Fekeli that he has to pay for what he did: he damaged the brakes on his car, which put Saleha and Mazgan in danger.

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Who contacted Feckley and Hunger?

One of the most tense moments of “Züleyha” Fekeli y Hunkar They drink coffee and try to unravel what is going on behind the conflicts between their families. They were already doing it before the episodes, but this moment was different The killer.

“I was honest, I don’t understand why you are asking me.”When the hanger asks her if she is completely honest in agreeing to peace, she tells Hangle. Immediately, the stranger starts firing at their table thinking that only Fekeli can save the hangar. The The killer He escapes in the car with another stranger.

“I think your son doesn’t know you’re with me.”Fekeli told Hunger that Demir killed him and almost took his mother away. She says from her HeirWho certainly refuses, in addition, is angry that his mother met with Fekelli.

Demir and Yilmas in the middle of the shoot.  (Photo: Tim & B Productions)
Demir and Yilmas in the middle of the shoot. (Photo: Tim & B Productions)

What is the clock of “Tyra Amerga” on antenna 3?

Turkish soap opera “Deora Amarga” releases new episodes every week Monday to Friday, By the signal of the antenna 3 of Spain. Besides, his Table According to its television schedule, the emission is 17:45 hours. Viewers can watch the episodes online and watch them live on the streaming platform. Atresplayer Premium.

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