June 6, 2023


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Johnny Depp's lawyer called the love rumors 'sexist'

Johnny Depp’s lawyer called the love rumors ‘sexist’

Camille Vasquez, who represented Johnny Depp in the lawsuit against Amber Heard at Fairfax in Virginia, called the rumors of a love affair between him and the actor “sexual.”

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“I care very deeply about my customers. Obviously we have become closer,” he said. People. But when I tell them, I mean the whole team, of course that includes Johnny.

The lawyer further said the actor Caribbean island pirates Has been a friend and client for four and a half years. Describing the rumors as’ unethical ‘, he said,’ It is sexual. It is unfortunate and frustrating, but at the same time, it goes hand in hand with this kind of work. I can not say I was very surprised. “

During interrogation, he recalled his “Cuban and Colombian” appearance when he was said to be physically very close to the American star.

“I am tactile. What do you say I should say? I kiss everyone. And I’m not ashamed of it, “he said.

“This man was struggling to get his life back, and it broke my heart to see him sitting there every day listening to the most horrific accusations leveled at him. We are going to fight for him because he deserves it. ” Camille Vasquez added.

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