They will give huge tvs for free.  Of course there is a trick, but it’s still worth it

Polish consumers are slowly starting to see the problem that advertising banners can be in smart TV interfaces. Meanwhile, a startup from abroad wants to test the limits of TV viewers’ already strained patience. Admittedly, the idea is interesting.

In the Polish market, TV manufacturers slowly and very timidly began to display advertising in their products. There’s a lot to get upset about, but it’s also worth noting that it’s still a minor inconvenience compared to more developed than Polish markets – almost all suppliers stick signage and Recommendations Home screens from Tizen, webOS, Google TV or Vidaa.

This is so annoying that these ads are displayed in the product that the customer has paid for. And not just on cheap ones – advertising systems work just as well on a 32-inch Direct LED TV as they do on a 77-inch Mini LED 8K for tens of thousands of zlotys. Well, what if the ads would remain, more annoying – but the TV itself would be completely free?

Teevee Telly, free TV with a high diagonal and a decent soundbar. And a second screen for ads only.

Telly TV itself will be completely devoid of a tuner or environment for VOD applications. The customer must provide himself with access to the content using a set-top box, set-top box or game console. Teevee will only mediate second screen content. It should be the same width as the main screen – and the height of a regular phone.

It will display ads, widgets, weather forecasts, match scores, and local news. Ads will be selected based on an analysis of what is currently displayed on the screen.

Behind this potentially revolutionary (albeit a little crazy) idea is a market expert, co-creator of Pluto TV. The Polish consumer probably doesn’t know this brand, because it doesn’t operate in Poland – however, it is one of the largest FAST (Free Ad-supported TV) services on the market.

How is Teevee supposed to defend itself against customers who decide to pick up a free receiver and then decide not to use it (thus seeing ads)? We don’t know that yet, though it would seem There is a plan. Telly will initially appear only in the US market.

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