The PS5 will get a “very well-known IP address.”  Will Microsoft give Sony another game?

Sony is increasingly willing to bring in outside developers, and Climax Studios has been roped in to work on a secret title.

Climax Studios is not one of the best known teams in our industry, but developers have been implementing projects aimed at porting games to different platforms for years. The company was supposed to work on, among other things, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for PC, but it has collaborated with Housemarque four times in recent years. The developers helped port Dead Nation and Resogun to different platforms, and also developed Returnal.

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It seems possible that it was help with Returnal that allowed the developers to get another project from Sony. It appears that Climax Studios has received an important IP and is busy bringing the game to PlayStation 5.

Tim Leonard, an art director who has been working at Climax Studios for 11 years, previewed his new project on Linkedin – the specialist of course does not share details, although we already know that work on the title began in September or that the creator was working in secret production at the time .

The developers are bringing a very well-known IP to PlayStation 5 So it's definitely not a Sony game. In light of the Redmond giant's recent reports and announcements, speculation immediately emerged that Microsoft wanted to offer another title that was previously available on Xbox consoles on PS5.

This speculation does not appear to be unfounded because Tim Leonard worked on Age of Empires 4 for two years. It is difficult to deny the recognition of AoE, because in the world of strategy fans it is a real valuable IP that Microsoft has brought back to life thanks to a series of updates and full continuation.

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