June 4, 2023


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Anna Lewandowska showed Robert in action. Found a new hobby?

Footballers who play in La Liga have already returned to the competition. Unfortunately, in the coming days on the field during the HTP meetings F.C.B We won’t see Robert Lewandowski. The star of the “pride of Catalonia” remained Suspended for the next three matches. So it seems that the captain of the Polish national team is still waiting Just over two weeks of club football.

Przemysław Iwańczyk chose ten in the 88th referendum for Przegląd Sportowy and Polsat. video//Polsat Sport//Polsat Sport

Robert Lewandowski as a cook. Anna boasted of a joint photo on the web

Robert and Anna with their daughters They spent the last days in WarsawWhere they celebrated Christmas with their loved ones. Football player and fitness coach They shared family photos on social media.

However, Christmas passed quickly, and Lewandowski with his wife and daughters They returned to Barcelona. The 34-year-old decided to take advantage of some free time and I found a new hobbyhe is called… cooking. A photo from the kitchen posted to InstaStories by Anna. It shows that the player found his new role very well. “It’s time to cook.” I wrote.

Anna and Robert Lewandowski spent the evening cooking//

Lewandowska deals with it every day Promote a healthy lifestyle on social media and more. 34 years in the past few years I also arranged a custom diet for “Lewy”. Who knows, maybe Robert will get into such a new hobby that he’ll soon start planning his own meals?

Robert and Anna Lewandowski in Cannes//