They want to stop the melting of glaciers.  The expensive plan is controversial

Would placing giant underwater curtains prevent glaciers from melting? “We don't know if the idea will work or not,” says John Moore, a glaciologist at the University of Lapland in Finland, in the journal Nature, but the scientist is supportive of the idea and believes that despite efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, The glaciers themselves are in a critical situation.

John Moore is already conducting research on the chosen concept. It turns out that researchers from the University of Cambridge in the UK will be working on this as well.

Other scientists wonder whether such a radical concept of geoengineering would be useful in combating climate change. Such an investment would be very valuable belovedIts implementation involves major problems, such as access to the Arctic regions, transportation of materials and the work itself. Moore's team estimated that the underwater canopy project would take at least a while to complete From 40 to 80 billion dollars.

According to some experts, the investment may also slow the pace of completion The “age of coal” and high-emission energy.

The underwater curtains in question will have Separation of glaciers from the flow of warm water, which accelerates the dissolution rate. The concept was already described in 2018. Each underwater “wall” held up by a foundation at the bottom will be about 100 meters high, and John Moore and his team are analyzing whether natural fibres, such as hemp, would be suitable for building curtains.

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