It is 15 times larger than Earth.  An annoying phenomenon on the Sun created an entire archipelago

Spots appeared on the side facing the ground. The first was observed on the eighteenth November It is marked AR3490. Not long after, another set of sites appeared, bearing the following serial number, i.e. AR3491. For scientists, the appearance of spots on the Sun was not surprising, because they had been monitoring bumps and cracks on the star’s surface for some time. Sunspots are so large that they make the entire Sun shake. We read on

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Solar eclipse over Chile. A view that takes your breath away

Huge spots appeared in the sun

As the spots grow, they divide and give rise to the following spots: AR3492, AR3495, AR3496 and AR3497. Three suddenly became nine, and together they formed the “Sunspot Archipelago,” covering an area with a diameter of 200,000. Kilometers. This is 15 times larger than the diameter of the Earth.

These are probably the largest sunspots seen so far in the ongoing solar cycle. The next 14 days could be very interesting

– Written on X by Chris Wiklund, meteorologist and aurora photographer.

The sites have already produced 16 C-class solar flares and three M-class solar flares. These are the third and second categories of flares, respectively. There may be more in the coming weeks. It is also possible that their power will increase enough to qualify some of them for the highest category – Stock market Electromagnetic. This, in turn, may lead to interruption of reception of radio signals and the appearance of strong aurora borealis.

The sun is approaching its maximum

Sunspots have also recently appeared in the southern hemisphere of the sun. The increasing number of them is an indication that the sun is approaching the maximum of its 11-year cycle. This is scheduled to be completed next year. Then the accumulation and size of sunspots increases as a result of the intertwining of their magnetic fields.

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