The Great Eye of Mars.  This picture is making a huge impact on the internet

European Space Agency A beautiful image of Mars was published by the Mars Express spacecraft. A large impact crater can be seen on it. In the Onia Terra, a region in the southern hemisphere of Mars. It has a diameter of 30 kilometers and water could have flowed through it from 3.5 to 4 billion years ago.

There are many hills in this area. The European Space Agency wrote in an official statement that these flat rocky constellations form when the Earth is gradually destroyed by water, wind or ice.

Astronomers described the image in beautiful words: “Mars sleeps with one eye open“These beautiful places are of interest to astronomers not only from a geological point of view, but also from a historical point of view. Craters of all kinds were formed after the impact of cosmic rocks that came from the abyss of the universe. They can hide valuable information about the evolution of the solar system. .

In addition, the presence of water in or around it can help us detect traces of biological life. Latest NASA roving vehicles: Curiosity or perseveranceThat landed on Mars appeared in such craters.

The first humans may appear on Mars at the end of this decade. It seems to be the most promising for colonialism Arcadia. It is a plain located in the Northern Hemisphere. There is water ice under its surface. The round trip to Mars is expected to take about 500 days, and the stay on Mars is up to 30 days.

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