Tesla is in trouble.  The bureau is investigating reports of seat belts being loosened

NHTSA said in a statement on its website that it has received two reports of seat belt failures. It was supposed to disconnect automatically. The case concerns Tesla’s Model X From 2022 and 2023, the US website BusienssInsider.com reported.

Tesla Model X belt problems

As the portal notes, this means that Belt problems may affect up to 50,000 vehicles. And it’s about the front seat belts of cars.

Complaints are that it cannot be attached to the stabilizers while driving. “Both vehicles were delivered to their owners with insufficient hitchesNHTSA reported and added that the product most likely “wasn’t properly attached during assembly.”

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Tesla did not respond to BI.com’s request for comment prior to publication.

Another study of Tesla vehicles

As the portal notes, this is another desk investigation into accidents involving Tesla. In early March, NHTSA began analyzing the reports About the Model Y steering wheel falling off while the vehicle is moving.

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