Dementia sufferer: Bruce Willis' wife honors their love on Valentine's Day

Bruce Willis' wife marked Valentine's Day by sharing a photo of the couple in a happy moment, long before the actor's illness.

The 68-year-old star suffers from a form of aphasia that has progressed to pre-temporal dementia.

Emma Heming, who was once a model, posted a picture on Instagram where we see them making love in Niagara Falls, Canada. Photo taken March 2010.

“Love is a beautiful thing. Happy Valentine's Day to you all,” the 45-year-old wrote.

“Love it,” replied Tallulah Willis, 30, her mother, Demi Moore. Her sister Rumer, 35, called the post “unbelievable”.

Emma Heming and Bruce Willis met in 2007. They made their relationship public the following year and married in 2009. They had two daughters: Mabel, 11, and Evelyn, 9. Besides Tallulah and Rumor, the franchise's cast Die hard Demi Moore had another daughter, Scout LaRue Willis, 32.


According to media reports, several members of the clan are living together under one roof, while Bruce Willis' illness is progressing rapidly. It is unclear how long the 68-year-old actor has left. Frontotemporal dementia affects behavior, emotions, planning, and problem solving.

We do know that Mrs. Heming will publish a book following her husband's diagnosis, which has become famous through television and cinema. This book, in his opinion, will be a resource for loved ones currently suffering from dementia.

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