15 years of work and retirement.  Changes have been made for selected groups

Until the end of last year, temporary pensions were only available to people who: Before January 1, 1999, they performed work under special conditions Or of a private nature. The amendment means that later age groups can benefit from the previous benefits. Trade unions have been fighting for this change for years.

– The Bridge Pensions Law restores justice. People who have worked in particularly harmful or stressful conditions have a certain period of service and are over 55 years of age for women and 60 years of age for men, They will be able to get a bridge pension – President Andrzej Duda said, signing the amendment to the law.

What should be done to get relief before five years? According to the regulations, You can retire after 15 years of work In special circumstances (such as the subway) or of a special nature (such as in the case of train drivers).

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How to go to bridge retirement?

The Social Insurance Institute explained in an interview with “Fact” that you can apply for the bridge pension No later than 30 days before the conditions for granting the benefit are met. Rushing will lead to rejection.

ZUS estimates that after the abolition of the expiring nature of pensions, the number of people who will switch to this benefit will be: in 2024 – 7.3 thousand, in 2029 – 4 thousand, in 2033 – 4.8 thousand

The amendment, signed by the president in August, includes other provisions:

  • Provides protection to trade union activists in matters relating to labor law,
  • – Special working conditions allowance is excluded from the minimum wage,
  • The annual limit also increases the deduction of membership fee expenses paid to unions from income.

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