They scared my favourite!  A fierce struggle chose the final qualifier for the men’s volleyball tournament semi-finals

The Dutch volleyball players started the match better. Indeed, in one of the first movements, Namir Abdel Aziz scored with a serve (1:3). Later the score was 3:6, but after playing some extra moves the Italians seemed to have the situation under control (7:7). At 14:12 a situation occurred that was very important for the fate of the group. Roberto Rosso suffered an injury that seriously disturbed his teammates. The Orange team took advantage of this and gained the advantage (16:20). They looked good in the service box, and Abdelaziz served another ace (17:22), who finished the set with an effective attack (19:25).

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In the second part, the Italian volleyball players had the advantage from the beginning (10:7). This time the serve was in favor of the home team, as Yuri Romano (13:9), Alessandro Micheletto (19:14) and then Romano again (22:16) scored aces. The Italians were also more effective in attack and finished the group with a point (25:17).

Group number three – no date. The Orange team did not keep pace with its competitors until the beginning. The Italians quickly imposed their game. In the middle part of the group, after a series of four winning moves, they led 16:8 and from then on they dominated the situation. Victory was achieved at 25:16 with Romano’s effective attack.

The Dutch woke up at the beginning of the fourth period (2:5, 5:8). Later we saw Abdelaziz’s performance – he added two aces to two aces and the score was 8:14. Later, the hosts were losing at 10:17, but they started chasing the score and reduced the gap to two points (17:19). After a point served by Fabian Black, the score was 17:21, but the Italians did not give up, they connected (22:23) and the end caused a lot of emotions. Benny Tuinstra won the set piece, the opponents fought back, but in the next action they committed an attacking foul (23:25).

The last qualifier to the semi-finals of the 2023 European Championships was selected on a tie-break. The Dutch scored the first points thanks to Abdelaziz’s serve (0:2), but the hosts quickly advanced. When Romano served on the ninth meter line, the score was 7-5. The Italians maintained their advantage, but their opponents did not give up. The fierce match ended with the hosts winning at 15:12, and in the final match Daniel Lafia hit the opponent’s block.

Summary of the Italy-Netherlands match:

Most points: Alessandro Micheletto (22), Yuri Romano (21), Daniele Lavia (16) – Wucci; Namir Abdelaziz (31), Benny Tuoijnstra (14) – Netherlands.

Italy – Netherlands 3:2 (19:25, 25:17, 25:16, 23:25, 15:12)

Italy: Alessandro Micheletto, Roberto Rosso, Yuri Romano, Daniele Lavia, Gianluca Galassi, Simone Giannelli – Fabio Palaso (free transfer) or Giovanni Sanguinetti, Leandro Mosca, Tommaso Rinaldi. trainer: Ferdinand De Giorgi.
Holland: Benny Tuinstra, Fabian Black, Namir Abdelaziz, Gijs Jorna, Michael Parkinson, Vessel Kimmink – Robert Andringa (libero) Oraz Martin van Garderen, Sil Meijs, Tuan Wiltenburg, Theis ter Horst, Wouter ter Maat. trainer: Roberto Piazza.

Results and tables of volleyball players 2023 Middle East

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