Michal Maroński, deputy mayor of Bosko Zdrój, became legal advisor.  He devoted his entire vacation to study

Michal Maroński, deputy mayor of Bosko Zdroj, boasted about his latest achievements on Facebook. He obtained the title of legal advisor.

“There is no easy or short path. Some moments in life you wait and work for years. As of today, Mikhai Marunsky has become an official legal advisor” – we read in the profile of the Deputy Mayor.

Where did the idea for this specialty come from?
– This is the culmination of a certain stage in my life, because I graduated from the Faculty of Law, but later I did not apply to it. Now is your chance to pass the exam. I devoted my entire vacation to studying because it is a very difficult exam. I succeeded and obtained the professional title as a legal advisor – says Michal Maronski.

The bar exam lasts for four days. The first day is civil law, the second is criminal law, the third is commercial law, and the fourth is administrative law.

– Each area must be mastered precisely. It was much easier for me because the law is constantly present in my daily work, especially administrative law. However, for the exam, I had to review my knowledge from studies – adds Michal Maronski.

The Deputy Mayor considers obtaining the title of legal advisor as a continuation of the journey he began at the university. Currently, he has no plans to open a law firm.

– For me, it is the culmination of many years of study and work. It wasn’t easy for me. For example, criminal law does not occur often in local governments, and we do not deal with civil and economic law on a daily basis. These are the areas I had to rediscover and remember a lot from my studies. You had to educate yourself a lot. He describes that the knowledge I gained while preparing for the professional bar exam will definitely help me in my work.

Mikhai Maronski is 43 years old and, as he says, he wants to improve all the time.

Someone once said that a person who does not develop begins to shrink. I try to live an active lifestyle all the time. Facing new challenges. It really refreshes the mind – it sums up.

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