They found the "inscription" on Mars.  NASA scientists took the word - o2

NASA staff monitors the place all the time. Sometimes, as a result of standard observations, one manages to see something that no one has even noticed for dozens of years. Usually, in such cases, the US agency immediately takes the floor to inform the world of newly discovered facts about galaxies or solar systems.

One of the planets that has always aroused great interest is Mars. For several decades, many people have been asking themselves if there is life out there? So far, scientists have not been able to find any sufficient evidence to confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life forms in space.

Morse code on Mars

NASA published new information about the discovery on Mars. The Mars Exploration Rover, which has been studying Mars since 2005, spotted something that no one had noticed for many years. Thanks to the space probe, attention was drawn to sand dunes formed by strong winds. Their shape has led to new discussions about the possible existence of alien species on the planet.

The strangely shaped dunes excited the bonds of space explorers. According to some, their alliance looked as if the Martians wanted to ask for help. The lines and dots formed what looked like a pattern made of Morse code. It is probably a coincidence that it has made it known all over the world.

Scientists are not sure exactly how the “pattern” formed. Images from the probe proved of great interest to geophysicists, providing them with some information about the direction of the winds and the processes that form these formations on the Red Planet. Veronica Bray, a planetary scientist at the University of Arizona, deciphered the message, the content of which turned out to be completely incomprehensible.

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