"Johnny".  In one of the scenes, the father's mother appeared.  Kachkovsky.  "Daniel Jaruzek invented something beautiful"

Father Jan Kaczkowski (played by David Ogrodnik in the film) was the founder of Pucki Home Hospice, Hospice of St. Padre Pew. It was he who said “You don’t have to be a Catholic to be a good person” and that you “don’t cut coupons for the faith.” For several years he was suffering from glioblastoma – a cancer of the central nervous system, and died in 2016. The second protagonist of “Johnny” is Patrick Galewsky. Peter Trojan, who plays him, says he is the hero of dreams. A troublemaker, a criminal, a student, a teacher, a cook, a father, a nurse. Patrick can have more than one hero. The role seemed easy to build, but it turned out to be quite complex. Full of internal changes and contradictions – she describes.

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“Johnny” – teaser. Dawid Ogrodnik as Priest Jan Kaczkowski

“Johnny”. She was a professional actress playing in the ribbon cutting scene. We managed to convince the priest’s mother

– This is how we arranged it in the calendar to display a symbolic scene of the opening of the nursing home during the last shooting day. We invited the family of Father Kaczykowski, Patrick and Shanita Galewski (also heroes Movie), also Jurek Owsiak, Anna Laboda – Hospice Director of Puck, President of Sopot (Father Jean was born in this town and buried here), Mayor of Puck, and there were also our co-producers. Our wonderful actors, David Ogrodnik, Anna Demna, and Wyatt Debicki, of course, played on the scene – recalls the producer of “Johnny”, Robert Kejak. He tells about the idea of ​​the director:

Daniel Jarrosek has created something beautiful. Originally, a professional actress was supposed to play the opening scene. We wanted her to play the real person who opened this abode in the real world. Daniel proposed it to the priest’s mother, who was very defensive against this idea. She only found out about him on set, because if we told her that before she arrived, she might not have come at all. In the end, she agreed to her family’s insistence. It was a great shot, which of course went into the movie.

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“I met Father Kachkovsky through David Ogrodnik.” Peter Trojan Tells Us About “Johnny”

– It’s not the last scene of the movie, but I’m glad we were able to score a group of people who were born together with very good energy. After the last shot, the whole team shed tears of emotion, among other things thanks, especially to Daniel, who steered the ship so that it could safely reach the port – adds Kijak. Yarosik has carried out projects in the advertising industry so far, “Johnny” will be his debut. The manager is the owner three KTR swords for projects implemented with Papaya Films.

The last day on the set, pictured, among other things, the family of the father.  Jan Kaczkowski and David Ogrodnik as the title character (Lies)The last day on the set, pictured, among other things, the family of the father. Jan Kaczkowski and David Ogrodnik as the title character (Lies) David Żuchowicz

– We were very lucky with the weather – it was the end of September 2021 and we filmed what we were supposed to shoot without any problems. It is very important for the producer to finish the pictures, because then we know we have a movie – assures Kijak.

“Johnny” – what will the movie say?

“Johnny” who will fight for the golden lions in September festival Polish movies Fabularnych in Gdynia, is the story of Kaczkowski and Galewski’s relationship from the latter’s perspective. The priest’s mother played Anna Dimna. The cast also includes, among others, Magdalena Cherwinska, Maria Bakulnis, Marta Stalmerska, Mikai Kalita, Joachim Lamta.

Netflix and Polish romantic comedies? There is a wedding, there is pregnancy, don’t ask about your father

The movie begins with Patrick breaking into a small town house. “A court ruling orders him to work in the hospice in Bak, where he meets Father Kaczkowski. The clergyman engages the young boys from the vocational school, who seem to be strong rebels, to help the sick. He focuses in his work on closeness, tenderness and fighting for relationships with others. He is He teaches empathy. And he does it with a great deal of humor, which is gaining immense popularity. Soon, Jean is faced with the challenge of fighting the disease himself. Patrick is put in a situation that will change his whole life “- we read in the description.

At the end of September, a vinyl will be released with the soundtrack to the movie “Johnny”. The composer of the composed music is Michał Kush, a multi-time recipient of the Fryderyk Awards, a multi-platinum producer and composer, and the author of all previous Daria Zawiaow albums.

A book by screenwriter, Maciej Kraszewski, “Johnny. A Novel about Reverend Jan Kaczkowski” is available in advance. From September 7, the novel will be available in bookstores and in mp3 audio format. eBook Novels Available August 31 on publio.pl.

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