How to receive TVS MWE BCAST demo DVB-T2 / HEVC channel list

Experimental multiplexes were created to prepare viewers for changing digital terrestrial television standards. From Monday, MUX-1, MUX-2 and MUX-4 are broadcast nationwide in DVB-T2/HEVC. Only MUX-3 (with main TVP channels) and MUX-8 work with the old standard. The head of the Office of Electronic Communications, Jacek Oko, suggested a month ago that after June 27 this year. Experimental complications will lose their meaning. Later, his spokesperson clarified that approvals can be issued if there is free bandwidth at a particular site. It was received, for example, by Telewizja Polska, which had previously been allowed to broadcast in the old standard by the UKE by the end of 2023. In select locations, TVP may conduct a beta broadcast until May 22, 2023. Through the MUX test, TVP broadcasts: TVP3 Warszawa HD, TVP Kultura HD, TVP Entertainment HD, TVP Dokument HD, TVP Female HD.

Will trial multiplexers disappear from private stations?

On June 26, several TVS pilots in Katowice (TVS, Radio Silesia, TV Republika, Polsat HD, TV Okazje) ended their operations. Silesia TV got the previous approval for 10 months. In May, the UKE allowed the multiplier to continue broadcasting for only one month. – Please be advised that as per the UKE decision of 26 June 2022, TVS will no longer be available on terrestrial television. We are present on digital platforms and cable networks, the broadcaster is on the lookout for social media.

BCAST, a company associated with Polsat, may be in a similar situation at a moment (Polsat HD, Nowa TV HD, TV Republika, EWTN Polska, TV Okazje, Stars.TV, TV Its emissions permit expires in Wrocław on June 26, in Gdańsk on July 5, and information about Warsaw is not included in the UKE list. The MWE group’s permit to audition in Szczecin expires on June 27 (Filmax, Junior Music, Nuta Gold, Nuta.TV, Power TV, Stars.TV, Ukraina24, XtremeTV).

KRRiT will decide the future of experimental MUXs

Decisions about experimental multiplexes will depend on the results of consultations between the media and telecom regulators. – For test multiplexes, we are currently asking the National Broadcasting Council if the board considers it desirable to have further run-in to test MUXs. informs Witold Tomaszewski, acting UKE spokesperson.

The National Broadcasting Council had announced that it would comment on the matter in the coming days. It is not known how long consultations with the UKE will continue. At the beginning of December last year, the head of the National Broadcasting Council, Witold Kolodzewski, approached the head of the UKE, Jacek Oko, with a proposal to transfer television channels from the VHF band (MUX-8) to the UHF band. VHF will go to the needs of radio digitization (DAB +). So far, no decision has been taken on this matter. Consultations on the multiplexing of commercial pilot stations may take the same length.

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