That little sticker with the letter “R” on the mailboxes – that’s what it means

The “R” symbol on the mailbox represents a request from a resident that the mailman or courier not leave a notice. When a postal worker notices this mark, he places the registered letter directly into the mailbox without hesitation. Thanks to this, the recipient avoids the need to visit the post office, which can be especially annoying for people who are not at home often.

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But how do you get an “R” sticker? The process of getting an “R” sticker is not easy. You can’t just put it on the box. To receive this code, you must complete a special request to send registered mail to your mailbox. This can be done online using the electronic form for people with a trusted profile. Alternatively, the application can be downloaded and completed manually and then handed to the postman or taken to the nearest post office. The label is placed on the mailbox by the postal worker. Most importantly, this service is completely free.

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