Russia: Lavrov announces the “end” of a 500-year-old history.  “It will be like that after the war.”

During the press conference during the 21st forum in Doha, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry once again confirmed that the issue It is the responsibility of Western countries and Ukraine to end the conflict.

According to the Kremlin’s account, the Russian Federation was prepared for talks from the beginning of the “special military operation” (propaganda term for Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine – ed.).

Please contact Mr. Zelensky. A year and a half ago, he signed a decree prohibiting any negotiations with Putin’s government. This is a well known fact. The President of the Russian Federation has quoted him several times. They got their chance in March and April 2022. Shortly after the start of the special military operation in Istanbul, negotiators reached an agreement based on Ukraine’s neutrality. No NATO. At the same time, security guarantees for Ukraine will be provided jointly by the West and Russia. This was rejected. The contract has been cancelledHe added that the Americans and the British decided that if the Russian President was ready to sign it, we would tire him out more.

At the same time, Lavrov stressed that the policy towards his country is based on: Exhausting military resources and causing an economic crisis. However, this is ineffective and affects Ukraine itself the most.

– It is up to the Ukrainians to recognize How deep were they in the hole into which the Americans threw them? – He convinces.

Sergey Lavrov talks about the “hybrid war” with Russia

Like other politicians from the Kremlin elite, Sergei Lavrov also claims that a hybrid war is being waged against the Russian Federation. Primary goal It’s supposed to be “cultural devastation.”.

The West’s 500-year hegemony over the world has ended. The Russian Foreign Minister stressed that its hegemony was based on a multifaceted history that included the brutal exploitation of the peoples and territories of other countries.

– In the early 19th century, Napoleon gathered almost all of Europe to attack Russia. We defeated him. After this aggression, we became stronger. In the middle of the last century, the same thing happened (World War II – editor). After this war we became stronger. The outcome of the war launched by the United States using Ukraine against Russia is already clear (…) Russia has already become much stronger than it was before these events. He added that this would be the case after the war ended.

“Health and health regulation are not just about money.” Arlukovich in “Graffiti”/Polsat News/Polsat News

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