Starfield without secrets – the player fully discovers all the planets in the game

It’s been about a month since the Starfield premiere. During this time, many space explorers have managed to traverse the length and breadth of the galaxy, but perhaps no one has devoted themselves to exploring the celestial bodies included in the game to the same extent as the hero of today’s article.

Recently with his completion on Redisi Brag about the gamer nicknamed DoomZero. This Reddit user has explored all the orbs available in the game (except one, which I’ll discuss in a moment) – he has a total of 1,695 of them. It took him 180 hours Of the about 200 he spent in total Starfield.

Of the 1,695 celestial bodies examined (including planets and moons), only one failed to be fully examined. The reason is banal – namely errors that did not allow all plants and animals to be cleared 100%. However, it turns out that there are more problematic orbs, because, as DoomZero himself wrote in comment Under the post:

I think that There are three planets where I encountered some errorsWhich caused problems in their full examination. Masada 3 is a planet with oceanic animals that do not spawn.

Beta Marae 1 is a planet with swamp animals that cannot spawn. Charybdis 2 has flying animals that spawn in the world invisibly, but if you go to the area where the quick save should be and then load it, [fauna – dop. red] It will become visible and scannable.

This player’s achievement is certainly impressive, especially considering the fact that planets exist Starfield Often it is not limited to just One biome -Just because a planet looks like a desert when you land, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have wetlands or forests lurking there.

Starfield Available from September 6 on PC and Xbox Series

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